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Zayouna Law Firm

Zayouna Law Firm has highly skilled staff members, including experienced personal injury lawyers, law clerks and legal assistants. Our lawyers provide aggressive advocacy and has a history of accomplishments, representing many different types of cases.

We can assist you in Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Gujrati, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Filipino, Portuguese, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Urdu. If you have any questions about your claim, please contact one of our Accident Benefits co-ordinators.

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Sokoloff Lawyers

Every hour of every day, accidents happen that can forever change your life and that of your family members. Sudden and unexpected, a car accident or a slip and fall can result in long lasting consequences, disability or death. Although most want to put the event behind them and recover as quickly as possible, the nature of the injuries often make this impossible.

For you the injured person –Sokoloff Lawyers assist in arranging everything to help you in your rehabilitation process. We come to you, offering free hospital visits and free advice. There are no fees until you get your money, and we fund your case all the way, eliminating all the worry of legal costs.

Our services range from arranging taxi transportation; to making sure you have assistance at home with your personal care and household duties. No job is too small. We are committed to making sure you and your family get the best support, resources, medical and rehabilitative care possible for quality of life. At the same time, we strategize your case so that we can obtain the highest settlement amount for you.

Sokoloff Lawyers believe that communication is critical in order to properly represent you. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers are approachable and highly skilled – but more importantly, we understand that no person is exactly the same, and therefore, no case can be generalized. We listen and tailor each case specifically to you—our client.

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Tkatch Law

As a client of ours we’ll do everything we can make this situation as stress free as possible for you, so you can focus on your recovery. We have over 30 years of experience and have handled thousands of cases similar to yours. We have helped those who have been involved in car related injuries, work related injuries, brain injuries, animal attacks, serious injuries and more… more Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers Firms

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Filkow Law

The consequences and impact of a criminal matter can be devastating. Mr. Kevin A. Filkow is a first rate criminal defence lawyer who knows the justice system. He is a partner of Michaels & Filkow, a highly regarded and experienced (40 years +) law firm focusing on protecting clients’ interests in criminal defence matters. Mr. Filkow is known for achieving exceptional results. He has an enviable record of resolving matters positively, allowing clients to get on with their lives. more Richmond Other Lawyers Professionals

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Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher work as a team, assisting and advising each other with their respective cases. As a result, when you hire just one of them, you access over 65 years of criminal defence know-how working exclusively for you.


1) Charges Being Dismissed, Withdrawn, or a Lesser Sentence Being Imposed (usually on a less serious charge), and The AVOIDANCE of a CRIMINAL RECORD

Free Bail Conditions Analysis / Case Evaluation: (upload bail conditions option)

Contact Toronto Criminal Lawyers now if you have been charged with: White Collar Offences, Driving Offenses, Violent Offenses, Theft & Drug Crimes

Assault Juvenile Crimes/Young Offender Attempted Murder Criminal Negligence Domestic Assault Extortion Forcible Confinement Manslaughter Murder Resisting Arrest Restraining Orders & Peace Bonds Weapons Charges Auto Theft Breach of Trust Burglary (B & E) Robbery Theft from Employer Theft & Possession of Stolen Property Arson Gang Related Organized Crime Probation Violation Violation of Criminal Court Order/Breach of Bail Breach of Trust Counterfeiting/Forgery Credit Card Fraud Embezzlement Extortion Fraud Fraudulent Devices Identity Theft Passing & Possession of Counterfeit Money Property Offences Uttering a Forged Document

Client Feedback: http://www.criminallawyertoronto.com/recent-cases/

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Yazdani Law Office

Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. Each year, hundreds of individuals in Toronto Ontario suffer serious injuries after slipping and falling on wet, icy, slick, and slippery surfaces. Many individuals are also injured after tripping and falling on sidewalks, stairs, roadways, and parking lots. The falls can take place almost anywhere – inside a store or business, a public stairwell, escalator, sidewalk, or even on the property of a friend or family member. more North York Personal Injury Lawyers Firms

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Levinter & Levinter

Levinter and Levinter is a boutique personal injury law firm in Toronto that specializes in civil litigation. The firm practices exclusively in the person injury law field, car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dental malpractice, accident benefits, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, dog bites, animal attacks, boating accidents, product liability, and various disability claims throughout the province of Ontario. Levinter and Levinterprides itself in helping injured victims and their families with the personal injury as well as accident benefits claims. Levinter and Levinter was founded in 1921 by IsadoreLevinter and later joined by his son, Benjamin Levinter, the firm has deservingly gained the notoriety of being a crusader for injured victim’s rights. more Whitby Personal Injury Lawyers Professionals

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Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto Ontario

Steven dedicates his entire legal practice to assisting injury victims and people who have been unfairly denied disability benefits. As part of the team of over 100 Ontario lawyers at Lerners LLP, he acts as an injury and disability lawyer for victims with motor vehicle accident lawsuits, accident benefits cases, disability benefit cases, slip and falls, and other injury cases. Focussing on one area of law allows him to stay on top of the legal developments and industry trends. more Whitby Personal Injury Lawyers Professionals

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Conte & Associates

Our professional lawyers provide you with our expertise and ensure justice and fair compensation for our clients is always achieved.

We will provide free consultations for all matters.

At Conte & Associates we are practical and easy to talk to. We make sure you understand exactly what your case is about and what you are entitled to.

We have the expertise, skill and resources to assist you with your matter and ensure you receive all benefits and compensation that you are entitled to, whether through settlement or through a trial if necessary.

Our services include:

Specialization in:

Brain and spinal cord injuries

Motor vehicle accidents


Insurance disputes

Slip and fall injuries

Long term disability

At Conte & Associates we are approachable and have the skills and expertise to deal with your case, ensuring that you receive a just result. We have all the resources to take your case to trial if it does not settle. We stand behind our work and our clients.

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